August, 1, 2021


In this article, more than 40 artificial intelligence companies and machine learning providers in Vancouver, Canada are introduced. To learn more about Vancouver AI companies, click on their names to enter their site:


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July, 28, 2021

Use in Deep learning to diagnose and predict the stages of lung cancer

Lung cancer is one of the most common types of cancer, which unfortunately has a high death rate.

Many researchers are trying to speed up the treatment by early detection of this cancer and reduce the percentage of patients who die from this cancer.

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July, 25, 2021

Use of machine learning in industrial projects

With the advancement of science and technology, the way industrial projects are implemented has changed. Machine learning and artificial intelligence applications can be used in many industrial projects. The use of machine learning has many advantages in the speed and accuracy of industrial proj…

July, 17, 2021

The role of AI in business processes

Artificial intelligence was once a human dream, but it is now possible with the advent of technology. Just like the ability to fly a plane and build a mass communication device like the Internet. Artificial intelligence has become a reality in recent years due to the advancement of science.

July, 13, 2021

Medical image processing

Image processing is one of the fascinating sciences and technologies that has many applications and is used in many fields. Face recognition, identification, computer vision, categorization and understanding of video and images and … are all applications of image processing. For example, …

July, 12, 2021

Industrial image processing

Image processing is one of the most widely used parts of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

In the previous articles of the site, we wrote about the industrial solutions based on ai …

July, 7, 2021

Iranian AI / ML Experts

Most people think that professionals in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning are often in Europe and the United States. But according to published scientific articles and looking at engineers working in large artificial intelligence companies, a significant number of them ar…

July, 4, 2021

Benefits of collaboration between university and industry

Every year, countless ideas and innovations are presented in universities, many of which do not enter the industrial sector.

Industries, on the other hand, need people with a university degree to solve problems and improve their work.

Cooperation between industry and academia…

July, 1, 2021

AI solutions for industries

In this article from Tecvico, we want to talk about artificial intelligence solutions and machine learning for different industries.
AI-based solutions and services are applicable to businesses, companies, hospitals, as well as most industries

June, 30, 2021

Artificial Intelligence Start-ups in Iran

Iran is one of the countries that have a lot of potential in the field of artificial intelligence. Iranian universities send numerous artificial intelligence graduates to the market every year, some of whom…

June, 3, 2021

Impact of artificial intelligence in medicine

In recent years, studies related to artificial intelligence, research projects related to artificial intelligence and various courses of artificial intelligence have grown significantly. Terms such as deep learning, machine learning, intelligent algorithms, enhanced intelligence, and artificial …

June, 2, 2021

Machine Learning in Manufacturing

Quality and quantity are two important concern in manufacturing products. The high-quality products always have the highest potential to succeed in the sales market. Robust machine learning (ML) techniques have been improving in order to enhance quality of industrial projects and products. Every…