TECVICO aims to build an easier life through the expansion of virtual collaborations which are organized by international research and industrial groups. It supports a wide range of fields such as medicine, electrical, mechanical, medical physics, and others. To this end, our research and industry teams are developing advanced designs to accomplish the projects. All groups are provided with experienced advisors and members and the progress of the projects is recorded by the company’s experts. The company leads the teams to succeed. The company obtains some new instruments including a powerful GPU, Cloud, new large datasets, prepared packages, and others for the groups. The company also observes a fair share of financial and spiritual benefits from the projects for members.

TECVICO sections


TECVICO is an international company that aims to facilitate the connection between researchers worldwide. Thus, it obtains an international platform to define the research project. Experienced researchers, university professors, industrial companies, laboratories, and others can define and fund the project on this platform, and other researchers...


TECVICO obtains an international platform to hold or participate scientific, business, and practical workshops. Furthermore, it aims at supporting new workshop holders to expand their business. It also plans to facilitate holding workshops for experienced researchers and business people. Thus, it tries to advertise the workshop to absorb members from different countries internationally....

Our mission statement

Establishment and facilitation of international virtual collaboration among the researchers and industry.


Our vision is to become one of the largest platforms for offering collaboration between industry and researchers.



Develop well-organized networks to connect academic researchers with industry.


Identify motivated and talented researchers from various scientific or technological fields and organize them into active teams.


Cover industrial projects worldwide.


Educate and organize new researchers in the corresponding specialized groups.


Professional management service on the cooperation of our network members in carrying out scientific and industrial projects.


High standard quality assurance of scientific and industrial projects.


Publication of scientific articles resulting from the research projects.


Design and development of commercial, industrial, and software products and their support


Assure direct advantage of members from financial and legal benefits of the projects.


Holding specialized workshops and scientific courses by qualified internal and international instructors for the network members.


Obtain an efficient platform for effective internal and international collaboration of the researchers.