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In this article, more than 40 artificial intelligence companies and machine learning providers in Vancouver, Canada are introduced. To learn more about Vancouver AI companies, click on their names to enter their site:


1- Tecvico

Technological Virtual Collaboration Company

TECVICO (Technological Virtual Collaboration) is a Canadian-based company. The leading branch is located in Vancouver, British Columbia province. The company has been aiming to facilitate connections between academic researchers and industries through well-organized networks. Thus, the company created some branches in different countries that university professors are in charge of managing. Our mission is to encourage industries to trust talents so that they start to assign their projects to them. Therefore, the company came up with a highly reliable platform for forming teams of international professors and experts to undertake industrial projects. Furthermore, it plans to provide the projects with quality assurance tea.


2- Trufan

Social intelligence & audience management platform

Trufan is a social intelligence & audience management platform that helps brands or influencers manage their key followers, sell directly to top fans and identify new audiences to target. Users can activate or reward the appropriate engaged and influential fans using geolocation filtering, competitor data and sentiment analysis. Serves industries including retail & apparel, e-commerce, media & entertainment, food & beverage, travel & hospitality, technology, and more. Available on a subscription basis. Notable clients include Vanillasoft, Bonsai, and Dunk.


3- Terramera

Developer of plant-based biopesticides

Terramera is a developer of plant-based biopesticides. Their product catalog includes Rango and Terraneem. The company claims that their products can be used for convention and organic agriculture, profession and for home use.


4- Semios

Data and intelligence for crop management

Uses M2M technology to provide data and analytics that increase crop value for fruit and vegetable growers. Enabling precision crop management focussing on integrated pest management including real-time insect pressure tracking and improved biopesticide delivery. Provides a proprietary system of in-crop wireless networks coupled with remote sensors, real-time pest monitoring and variable rate biological pest control. Founder - PhD, 20 yrs experience in Biotech R&D.


5- Visier

Workforce analytics and planning software

Workforce analytics and planning software company. It offers data from a company’s different data sources and then enables human resources (HR) people to create dashboards and visualizations of the data. The software’s natural language processing can return information from direct queries about business processes and human resources information directly to the end-user. Visier Workforce Analytics gives business leaders and HR professionals the insight they need to take action to reduce workforce costs, improve productivity, attract and retain top talent, and optimize their people strategy to meet their business strategy.



Convergence built a website for an online education platform to increase their online presence and attract potential investors. Convergence developed the front- and backend of the website, created assessment tools, positioned content offerings, and fine-tuned business strategies. Users praised the website for its professional appearance and easy to use features.



A telecommunications company hired ProCogia to create advanced analytics using machine learning and certain data science models. ProCogia also did several prototype work. The engagement has enabled the company to make several network improvements based on the data gathered by ProCogia.



Digitalist North America provides portal development services for a fuel logistics company. Their work includes upgrading their client’s portal to support new equipment management.


9- SkyHive

Skill-based job matching platform. Through the platform, employers can search and connect with the candidates for job vacancies on the basis of candidates skills and competencies. Employers can post both full-time and part-time jobs as well as internships and volunteering opportunities. Candidates need to create their profile on the platform. Provides a dashboard that allows candidates to manage all their applied jobs. Offers a subscription-based pricing model.


10- Responsive

Responsive is an AI-driven investing service that adapts user portfolio according to global economic changes in the market.Responsive learns user wealth goals, and designs a diversified portfolio of high quality ETFs that's optimized for user needs. Responsive's algorithms combines high-quality, multi-source, global economic and financial data to make investment decisions based on statistical significance, backed by economic theory and time-tested correlations.


11- UrbanLogiq

UrbanLogiq platform integrates datasets from the government data sources, adds public, private and Internet data sources, and applies analytics and machine-learning algorithms to make city planning faster, cheaper and more accurate. Its product for Economic Development provides insights into industry sector and business changes occurring in user targeted regions. Its Traffic analytics platform provides instant analysis on all historical and real-time traffic count data for transportation and traffic planners.


12- DIGI117

Digi117 is a software development and IT staffing company that was founded in 2011.A graphic design company wanted an easier way to sync its work and facilitate communication. Digi117 designed, developed, and tested a mobile app that lets the company's employees work remotely and stay aligned with the rest of the company.



Venovis was hired by an online streaming service for their development expertise. The team builds apps for iOS, Android, and other platforms. They delivered quality apps with excellent designs and functionalities.


14- Reply

Reply is an outbound lead nurturing tool which allows sales teams to set up personalized mail campaigns, schedule follow-ups and get detailed analytics on user activity. Other features include group emails and a collaboration platform (for sales reps to share leads and email templates). The product is available on a subscription basis. Dribble and Freshworks are notable clients.


15- EIO Diagnostics

EIO Diagnostics has developed an integrated system including a handheld device & a software for continuous and individual monitoring of livestock animals for early detection of illness. The company claims that rather than relying on internal temperature of bovines to detect fever and infection, its system monitors the udder (without physical contact) for indications of early stage inflammatory responses and its proprietary algorithm alarms the livestock farmer of the potential infection. As of Sep 2017, the company is running trials for monitoring poultry flock health and identify individuals with early signs of illness in realtime.



Clover Dynamics is a software company based in Lviv, Ukraine with more than 10 experts. They provide custom software, web, and mobile app development solutions to clients in the industries of financial services, telecommunications, and healthcare. Clover Dynamics provided support for a recruitment project for a digital media company. The company was in need of remote mobile app developers across Ukraine. Clover Dynamics was able to find competent developers for the company.



AI firm T4G Limited is in Toronto, Canada; Halifax, Canada; Vancouver, Canada and Moncton, Canada. Founded in 1996, the midsize team offers Artificial Intelligence, custom software development, branding, digital strategy, and more.


18- Metaoptima

Provider of AI-based skin cancer monitoring and detecting device for patients and doctors. The AI-based skin image analytics platform Dermengine is used by dermatologists for imaging and documentation. Teledermatology solutions are also provided for professionals to schedule appointments and consult patients using the uploaded images by patients. MoleScope is a mobile app that can be used by patients to capture skin moles and analyze the symptoms of skin cancer.



Ekohe is an AI development company established in 2007. The company specializes in Artificial Intelligence, custom software development, enterprise app modernization, ux/ui design, and more and has a small team.



Joho TeK is a cloud consulting & SI company. The Richmond, Canada-based company was established in 2018. The small team provides cloud consulting & SI, IT managed services, cybersecurity, business consulting, and more.


21- LivNao

LivNao provides an AI-based mental assessment app for employees. The AI-powered model uses existing data from existing mobile devices to identify early changes in mental health, suggesting minor interventions before symptoms occur.


22- uFirst

Provider of an AI and blockchain-based teleconsultation app for doctors ad patients. The company has developed a software solution that allows patients to request video consultation, maintain medical records, and communicate with providers via message. The system uses AI technology to analyze any symptoms provided by the patient in order to generate potential causes of the symptoms.


23- Conscious

Conscious is an AI-based app for meditation, therapeutic techniques, and contactless biofeedback at home. It helps to manage stress using meditation and gamification at home or work.



Custom software development company deltAlyz Corp. Is in Vancouver, Canada. Founded in 2019, the small team focuses on custom software development, BI & big data consulting & SI, Artificial Intelligence, enterprise app modernization, and more.



Bots4impact is a small custom software development company. They offer custom software development, Artificial Intelligence, content marketing, and marketing strategy and were launched in 2020.



IQ Business Suite is a small mobile application development firm based in Surrey, Canada. They specialize in mobile app development, Artificial Intelligence, and e-commerce development and were founded in 2012.


27- ZenXMed

ZenX Med aims to provide machine learning based cloud software platform called OpenXMed which will allow the physicians to make data based diagnostic and treatment decisions. The product is still under development stage.


28- Diabits

Diabits is an app for personalized diabetes management including type I and type II diabetes. It builds a personalized model of blood sugar measurement using an AI algorithm. The model gives predictions about blood sugar up to 60 minutes ahead of time to help in avoiding highs and lows.



Axiom Zen is a midsize custom software development company. The Vancouver, Canada-based agency was founded in 2012. Their team focuses on custom software development, Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR development, marketing strategy, and more.


30- Xerus Medical

Xerus Medical provides a platform for quality management. The platform consists of a suite of self-serve tools that support and automate clinical data analytics and the quality improvement process and overlays on top of existing EHRs. It also processes various data streams, including patient-centric EHR data, patient-reported outcomes, personal device sensor data, and various online data streams. It also uses AI-based technology for analytics.



Launched in 2020, VisionBox is an AI development company. The small team provides Artificial Intelligence, IT strategy consulting, custom software development, AR/VR development, and more.


32- Emtelligent

Emtelligent provides NLP solutions for healthcare providers, administrators, and researchers. Its deep learning-based NLP engine processes unstructured patient data into searchable summaries easing the transition to value-based care. It offers its engine as either a cloud-based service via HIPAA-compliant cloud solutions or on an appliance to sit in a healthcare institution’s data centre. Also, offers an app called Emtellisuite which includes clinical summary tools, search tools and quality assurance tools. Claims that its solutions allows researchers to search large volumes of patient data and assists in faster iteration and publishing.



Answer Intelligence, an AI firm, was founded in 2015. The company offers Artificial Intelligence, web development, and BI & big data consulting & SI and has a small team.


34- Arayo Health

Arayo is focussed on developing on automated billing solution primarily for surgeons. It leverages machine intelligence that captures surgical cases and then automates the claims processing and collection to minimize claims errors and to maximize reimbursement. It also provides real-time feedback on how to avoid denied claims. Operating as a Nilo Software company and claims to be HIPAA compliant.



Artificial intelligence firm SensoAI Systems is located in Vancouver, Canada. The small company was established in 2017. Their services include Artificial Intelligence and BI & big data consulting & SI.


36- KLUE

Klue, an artificial intelligence development company, is based in Vancouver, Canada. The firm offers Artificial Intelligence and has a small team.



Finger Food Studios Inc. Is a midsize software development company. Founded in 2009, the firm is based in Port Coquitlam, Canada and Port Coquitlam, Canada. Their services include custom software development, ux/ui design, Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR development, and more.



In Vancouver, Canada, Wizardry Labs is a website development company. They specialize in web development, custom software development, Artificial Intelligence, mobile app development, and more and were founded in 2018.



Trantor Inc., a custom software development firm, was established in 2012. The agency provides custom software development, BI & big data consulting & SI, web development, Artificial Intelligence, and more and has a midsize team. The agency is in Menlo Park, California; Chandigarh, India; Vancouver, Canada and Heredia, Costa Rica.



Acies Decisions, an artificial intelligence firm, is headquartered in Surrey, Canada and Austin, Texas. The small company was launched in 2019. Their team specializes in Artificial Intelligence, BI & big data consulting & SI, IT strategy consulting, business consulting, and more.


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