TECVICO platform features in projects

Organizations and industries can outsource many projects or engage in team building to do it. TECVICO provides a platform where companies can define, plan and carry out …

Nov. 2, 2022 1 minute
TECVICO platform features in projects,Company

Organizations and industries can outsource many projects or engage in team building to do it. TECVICO provides a platform where companies can define, plan and carry out their projects. On this platform, companies can choose the experts they want and communicate with them online. In the following, some essential features and capabilities of the TECVICO projects platform are mentioned.

  1. Projects are exposed to supervisors from all over the world

Due to the extensive communication and international collaborations worldwide, the TECVICO platform can expose projects to a large community of researchers and supervisors. This allows supervisors worldwide to quickly check different projects and participate in their favorite projects.

  1. Project guarantee

The platform receives a financial guarantee from the people participating in the project, and after the completion of the project, the financial guarantee is returned to the people. This process ensures participants' presence until the project's completion.

  1. Projects financial management

TECVICO platform is responsible for the financial management of the project, and all the people who enter the projects don't have to worry about violating their rights and their share of the project implementation. The platform pays the amounts that are the stipulated share of each member somewhat with full supervision.

  1. Controlling the project process

TECVICO platform controls the project execution process from the beginning to the end. The platform checks the progress of the project according to the set schedule, and if, for any reason, the improvement is not following the plan or stops, the platform will manage the problem in the shortest possible time.

  1. Project members management

Another essential feature of the TECVICO platform is the management and monitoring of project members. Interested people who have participated in the projects, if they have any problems in the process of participating in the projects or create any ambiguity, can quickly contact the experts of the project department and raise their issue. The platform adopts the necessary management as soon as possible. In addition, the platform informs all the supervisor's decisions, the time and date of the meetings, and such things that all the project members should be aware of so that the best coordination between the project members and the supervisor's decisions can be established. During the project, if one of the project members cannot continue working for any reason or is temporarily unable to accompany the rest of the team for a few days, the platform will introduce another skilled expert to the project supervisor.

  1. Providing an international platform to carry out projects

TECVICO is an international platform that connects researchers around the world. This global communication allows researchers to learn about the projects defined on the platform and take action to participate in that projects. Most research projects have two significant problems.

1. Existence of research ideas and lack of financial resources.

2. Existence of financial resources and lack of research ideas. The TECVICO platform has created an environment for international collaborations between researchers so that if any of these things are lacking, they can work together to solve the problem.

  1. Collaborate with platform users to form project teams

Many prominent experts and professors from all over the world are working on the TECVICO platform. Supervisors and people looking to complement their project members can form a project team with the cooperation of platform users. All these people usually have the experience of participating in several other research and industrial projects.

  1. Project participant's performance evaluation

TECVICO platform provides the possibility for supervisors to easily see the performance of different people and choose the people they want according to the person's ability and the project's needs. Also, supervisors and project members evaluate each other's performance at the end of the project, and their performance directly impacts their continued collaboration on the platform.

  1. Investment in research projects

TECVICO platform is suitable for introducing research projects to investors and different industries. Researchers can present their research projects for investment and attract investors.