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It aims to facilitate the connection between industry and researchers /experts. To do this, Tecvico is interested in joining all levels of researchers (beginner, intermediate and advanced) to collaborate on projects that are defined in the company in various fields.

The company's current projects are mainly defined in the areas of artificial intelligence, image processing, machine learning and deep learning. In addition, Tecvico is interested in working in other fields such as cryptography, Internet of things (IoT), Cloud Computing, etc.

Tecvico has three main sectors:
a. Research: It is the fundamental sector. To join Tecvico, all researchers initially need to apply for this sector and after working in this sector and being qualified (obtaining Responsiveness and Experience coins) they can join other sectors. The main goal of this sector is to find new challenges and scientifically tackle them. The main outcome of this sector is journal and conference publications. Besides focusing on research projects and publications, this sector works with interns to train them for their future careers.
b. Competition: This sector is focusing on participating in prestigious world competitions, like Kaggle. Members that gained enough coins in the research sector will be introduced to this sector for forming teams to attend competitions.
c. Industry: This sector is only for pioneer members who already obtained a considerable amount of coins in the research and competition sectors. Here, members work on predefined tasks to complete projects for companies and industries around the globe.

Coins are entry permits for projects. They are divided into two main classes:
a. Responsiveness Coin (Res Coin): This coin indicates how much a member was responsible for projects that he/she already attended.Depending on the responsibility of researchers in different projects, they are assigned points by projects' supervisors. These points are convert-able to Responsiveness Coins. These coins have financial value and can be bought/sold.
b. Experience Coin (Ex Coin): This coin shows how much a member knows a subject and how much he/she is skilled in programming, using tools and software. Depending on how much members were successful to use their skills and knowledge to proceed on a project, they are given points. These points are given by supervisors. Based on these points, researchers are awarded Experience Coins. These coins cannot be traded, and are only acquired through projects.

We have four roles in Tecvico: "Supervisor" as a project manager, "Mentor" as an advisor, "Member" as a project member, and "Learner" as an intern.

You can enter the site, then select the "Join Us" option on the top right of the site bar, and enter your information along with your resume and finally register.
Note! To complete the information, enter the profile section after registration and fill in the remaining sections.

You must be a member of Tecvico to apply for projects. After registering on Tecvico website, a section called "Projects" will be shown in your dashboard. In this section, you can choose the type of projects you want from "Research", "Competition", and "Industry" sectors.
To apply for any of these projects, you must have the minimum required coins to join that project.

After completing the projects you can get:
● Financial benefits (money) based on your contributions in a project.
● Scientific and Publication benefits (having your names in scientific publications).
● Having work experience in an international company and adding that to your resume.
● Receiving a certificate (after confirmation) from Tecvico.
You can enjoy all these benefits by participating in projects and doing your best to complete them. So why not ? :)