Our Goals

1) Developing well-organized networks to connect academic researchers and industry.

2) Identifying motivated and talented researchers in various fields of science and technology and organizing them in different branches of knowledge enterprises

3) Providing financial support for selective well-defined industrial projects around the world

4) Educating and organizing new members of the network in the corresponding specialized groups

5) Implementation of professional management on the cooperation of the network members and mentors in carrying out scientific and industrial project

6) Providing an efficient platform for effective collaboration of the researchers and professors around the world

7) High standard quality assurance of scientific and industrial projects

8) Production of scientific articles resulting from conducting the projects

9) Assuring direct advantage of the members from the financial and legal benefits of the projects

10) Holding specialized workshops and scientific courses by qualified instructors for the members of the network all around the world

11) Direct monitoring and support by a specialized professional group on the performance and proper implementation of all the network members’ rights