Registration for the third edition of HECKTOR challenge for the year 2022 will begin soon. On this occasion, TECVICO invites experts active in relevant fields to join TECVICO and participate in the challenge as a team.

Participation in this challenge will be possible as a team only. The top teams will be invited to present the results of the research at MICCAI 2022 as well as being awarded a prize. Also, an eBook and a paper will be derived from the results of the challenge.

For the HECKTOR 2022 Challenge, participants can submit their research papers on either or both of the following tasks:

1: The automatic segmentation of Head and Neck (H&N) primary tumors and lymph nodes in FDG-PET/CT images

2: The prediction of patient outcomes, namely Relapse-Free Survival (RFS) from the FDG-PET/CT images and available clinical data