HECKTOR Challenge is a prominent scientific and research call in the field of imaging head and neck tumors held by MICCAI.

This challenge has been held twice so far, and registration for the third time will begin soon. On this occasion, TECVICO invites all scientists and researchers interested in the field to join TECVICO team and participate in this challenge.

Participation in this challenge, which is one of the most prestigious research calls in the world in the field of medical image processing, will be possible only as a team.

TECVICO has a history of participating in the previous two editions of this challenge, winning prestigious awards.

Tecvico competed for the second time in HECKTOR challenge as the Tecvico_Corp_Family team, which resulted in being awarded the sixth place in the competition.

Hereby we invite all scientists and professors interested in participating in the 3rd edition of HECKTOR challenge with TECVICO team.