TECVICO International Company has recently opened its branches in Germany, Iran, and India. People from these countries who cooperate with TECVICO can make all their payments and receipts in the current currency of their country.

For example, all Iranian citizens can make payments and receipts in Rials. If you want to make the payment in the current currency of your country to pay an invoice in TECVICO, you can choose your desired country on the first payment page.

Then you will see the portal for your country on the payment page. For example, if you want to make payment in Rials from Iran, the specific portal named Zarinpal will be displayed to you after selecting the nation of Iran.

After choosing a dedicated portal, you can make the payment process with the current currency of your country.

For other countries, TECVICO fully supports payment and receiving in dollars.

If you have a problem with the payment and receipt of amounts, you can contact our experts at to communicate and follow up on the issue.