Machine learning

2021: TECVICO team participated in the HECKTOR 2021 challenge. We had two active teams, namely, Qurit_Tecvico and Tecvico_Corp_Family teams, in the HECKTOR 2021 challenge. Each team worked on three tasks as i) first task is to segment the tumor area using PET and CT images, ii) second task is to extract radiomics features from the segmented tumor and employ those features for survival outcome prediction, and iii) third task is to predict survival outcome via radiomics features extracting from the ground truth obtained by physicians. In the end, the first team achieved the third position in the second task. The papers extracted enable the team to stand in the third position. This team also succeeded in presenting its effort in the 2021-MICCAI-conference. Another team experienced a practical and challenging competition and achieved the sixth position. Both teams published two papers in Lecture Notes in Computer science (LNCS), Springer. For more information, you can click on the link below.